Format Dates with Full Month

Given the following JSON:

"Available online": "29 January 2020",

Received": "8 November 2019",
"Revised": [
"16 January 2020"
"Accepted": "23 January 2020",
"Publication date": "1 May 2020"

The Date can be captured with dd MMMM yyyy:


Execute a shell script

To trigger a shell script or a terminal command after a transformation, you have to create a job (it’s not available in a transformation). In the following scenario I wanted to transform a HTML-File to XML using tidy.

So I define a job, where the file is created and use the step “Execute a shell script…”

then enter the tidy command:

tidy -asxhtml -numeric < file_old.html > file_new.xml

in the next tab “Script”:

Simple terminal command

Provided tidy hasn’t failed, the “file_old.html” has been converted to “file_new.xml” in your job directory.